The role of the project manager

Strong oversight of the project manager will bring leadership and proper responsibility to the main project. Objectives can be a difficult thing to achieve in any organization without proper order and team relationships. It does not matter how qualified the team behind the project is. If the basic principles behind project management are weak, then the entire project will never reach its full potential. The job of a project manager is to manage the team members and roles of the project. Take responsibility for the team, and have the skill and knowledge to bypass any difficult circumstances in the future.

The success of the project depends on the qualification of the project manager. They have to take care of several instruments that are directly related to the project simultaneously without missing any beat. The role is difficult to take on, it requires experience in the field and knowledge to problem solve and effective decision making in crucial situations.

It is easy to get confused between a functional manager and a project manager. The job of the functional manager is to provide oversight on functional and business units. And the role of the operation manager is focused on the business operation aspect of the project. The project manager leads the team behind the project to succession.

The Duties of Project Manager

The objective of the project and the expansions from the stakeholders are crucial for the project managers. The leadership quality of the project manager will lead the project team to achieve the core objective of the project without creating any major problems on the road. One of the key roles of a project manager is to handle proper communication between team members, sponsors, and other stakeholders. These communication events are necessary for the succession of the overall project.

Communication between them creates a direction and presents the goals of the project. The positive attitude they display in the workplace does help the team to do better at work. Every work must meet the standard set by the stakeholder. For that to become reality, the project manager pushes every member of the team to follow steady guidelines and have well-maintained communication.

A project manager has to:

  • Create, maintain the communication plan.
  • Communicate in a predictable and consistent fashion
  • Stating a clear, complete, and relevant statement.
  • Display both positive and negative views on different ideas
  • Incorporate feedback for the team members.
  • Open to different types of views on the subject.
  • Interact with other project magner to analyze the direction of the project.

The goal of the project manager has always been to achieve the objective. This will require them to contact other project managers to get their insight on the project. A job of a project manager is also to seek out a way to assist the team behind the entire project. During the course of the project, the project magner will get in touch with the managers, sponsors to develop or address internal issues that can affect the project.

Keeping up with the trend can be difficult since a new one comes out every other day. But each of these trends has new interesting information that opens up the old subject to a new light. Industry trends are necessary and will play a role in the project. Generally, these trends will have new bits of information that will help tackle problems from a different perspective. The job of the project manager is to take the information from the running trend and use it to develop the current project.

Understanding the role 

A large project is made of many members, each member will play a role in the completion of the project. The role of the project manager is to make sure each of the members working in the project is comfortable with communication with each other. Different roles will need to be fulfilled but that would not take effect if the members are unaware of their role in the project. It is the job of the project manager to make sure each member is aware of the gravitas of the project. The role is crucial for the success of the project. One a project manager understands the true role of the job and the things they are required to do to meet all the objectives of the project. Only then will they be competent enough to handle the risk of the project in a smooth manner.


The project manager must take responsibility for everything that happens in the lifetime of the project. From the starting stage to the completion. This will get done by reviewing the vision, mission, and objective of the organization. Strong communication will play a much bigger role in bringing the team with various ideas and thoughts about the object under one roof. The project manager must take responsibility for everything that happens in the project timeline. Whether it is bad or good, it is the job of the project manager to take full responsibility for the project.

Knowledge and skills

The manager must have every skill set that is required for the project management profession. It will not be easy to handle over a hundred team members every single day and maintain relationships between them. So not one of the members will feel neglected in the work. Creating an optimistic climate requires plenty of skill and experience. The project manager must have knowledge, understanding, and experience to solidify a healthy leadership in the workplace. They must inspire people to follow new ideas and take on new challenges. If the environment is filled with optimism, the members will take on to the climate and will soon change their work ethic to a more positive manner.

Skillsets of Project manager

A better understanding of a subject requires a great deal of information and experience. Which will only come with time and investment in proper education. The job of a project manager is to tackle various problems that hinder the project’s duration. In this section, we are going to see the skill set that makes the project manager qualified to hold their job throughout the project. Winning trust can be a difficult thing for anyone, having skillsets is the only way to ensure trust in the person.

The complicated marketplace requires much more than the textbook information to reach the objective of the project. The project manager needs to have:

Technical Project Management – It covers skills, knowledge, behaviors related to the project. The skills here are considered to be part of the core program. 

What is it really?

This skill set is more to do with the knowledge that the project manager possesses to meet the desired outcome of the projects. The problem-solving skill needs to be high, so effective judgment can be taken in the time of need. The technical project management skill set covers:

  • Measure the success rate for the project.
  • Making pans to priority the important bit
  • Handle the cost, schedule, resources, and risk of the project in the future.
  • The plan needs to be created thoroughly.

Leadership. Operating a team throughout the object and making sure the connection between each member is strong. The team needs to function in the right order. Anniversary Members of the team should share their thoughts and ideas. This will give the project manager a different view and a unique perspective on things. A different approach carries a wider variety of answers that will affect the problem or solution in both negative or positive ways. It is up to the project magnet to listen to the team and the thoughts and act upon them in the project process.

Strategic business management – Having expertise in the industry and organization to better handle the direction of the project. This skill set opens the project manager to see different views of the project. They will consider other functions that will help them to see the project through different lenses such as finance, marketing, operation. The domain knowledge here will always be business knowledge.

They will have to carefully explain the essential business element of the project, and raise the importance of the value of the business in the project. If a challenge halts the project, then it is the job of the project manager to seek out the expertise of operational managers who handle the business in the company. The better the communication is between the project manager and other elements of the company the more effective results will be in the future.

Handling people

A large proportion of the life of project managers will be dealing with people. Since the main requirement for the job is to ensure the communication between team members and other groups of the organization stays healthy. It is a difficult task for anyone who doesn’t have any sort of experience in the field. Not only will they have to listen to the problems of the project team members but also to help them with better advice. These are some of the things that communication will play a key role in building bridges with a lot of people.

The best way to learn how to create effective messages to coordinate the team members better is through understanding the behavior and motivation behind each working member of the team. Only a leader will seek out the problem within the people who are working under him or here and help them resolve the issue in a proper manner. The project manga here will have to take on the role of leader to create solutions made of different opinions. So in the end, every member of the team will have their voices heard.

What are the qualities of being a leader?

Leading people might seem easy but it is difficult to maintain a relationship with five people at a single time without making anyone feel missed out. It is not easy to make others follow you on your idea without sharing the vision in a proper manner with people. Becoming a proper leader requires the project manager to have certain characteristics, such as:

  • Describing the goals or objectives of the project in a more simple manner
  • Sharing an optimistic environment with other team members
  • Listening to other team members on their thoughts and ideas about the current handling of the project.
  • Working on the issue, seeking consensus, gaining trust from members.
  • The development of the process will continue to the end of the project.
  • Spending sufficient time with the team.
  • Taking both negative and positive feedback
  • Opening to views that could be unpleasant to hear
  • Doing both listening and then asking.

On the whole, leadership has always been about getting things done with the help of others. The project manager has to have the skills to understand the politics of the project. A better understanding of the organization will clean up most of the issues on the first day. To understand the way of the organization, the project manager needs to observe and collect data about the organizational landscapes. Then the data will get reviewed to give the project magner to create a plan and implement it in effect later on.

The information that gets used to create a plan will help the project manager to bring in the right people for the job. The right choice of people will help the project manager to perform the activities that are necessary for the completion of the project. The relationship that will get created and maintained is important to the project. The power hee can get complex in its nature but they will be essential for the success of the project.

The styles of leadership

It is up to the project manager to seek the style that prefers to handle the situation with the project. The style of the project manager is not known to be consistent by any means. It always changes based on different factors that play a big role in the project. Some of the most effective leadership styles are:

  • Laissez-faire (Here the team is allowed to make their own decisions and goals)
  • Transactional (Higher attention will get paid to the goals, feedback, and rewards)
  • Servant Leader (Here the manager will have to push the growth of other people over them.)
  • Transformational (Encouraging members through motivation and developing their creativity)
  • Charismatic (Inspiring people and helping them to be self-confident)

These are some of the most effective ways a project manager handles all the tasks behind the project. Different styles focus on a different aspect of the project, it is all up to the project manager to implement the right one for the job.

Difference between management and leadership

Management is much more to do with directing people to get from one point to the next one using a set of expected behaviors. While leadership takes a different course by working with others through rigorous debate and conversation to direct the person to get to the other side. A project manager has to use both leadership and management to be successful in the industry. Instead of leaning towards management or leadership, a successful project manager finds a balance between both of them.

Integration of Project

While leadership takes a big chunk of the project manager’s job, they will also have to make sure they work with project sponsors to understand the mechanics behind the objective of the project. Integration is a crucial skill for a project manager. The ability to listen to both sides of the project development in a proper manner is a difficult task to take on but it will make the project success rate even higher. The integration gets done in three phases. Each of these phrases is important to the running of the project.

Process phrase

The process that is required for undertaking the project will overlap and occur several times within the project. It is important for the project manager to know the interaction of the project process so the project meets its objective in time.

Cognitive Phrase

The method that gets selected to handle a project will not be the same all time. Methods are generally selected based on the characteristics of the project. Several factors such as the size, difficulty, and culture of the projects will get taken into accounting. Here the project manager requires skills in project management knowledge.

Integration and Complexity

The complexity of the project will be difficult to manage. The dimension of complexity of the project is seen as system behavior, human behavior, and ambiguity. Personal experience, observation, knowledge, and skill will play a role in making any topic complex. The job of the project manager is to ensure to see the project from both inside and outside perspectives.


Each step mentioned above plays a piece to a larger puzzle that is known as project manager. A project manager must make sure everything moves in the right order for effective work. All the elements will play a role in each step of the project’s running period. Neglecting any one of them will create bigger consequences for the project and its objective success.

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